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GI Janel Anywhere is your source for Naturopathic consultation and resolution of GI issues. We utilize the best in natural medicine knowledge and technical tools to support you on your way to your highest and best health. 


The best in natural and conventional gastrointestinal medicine is now available from the comfort of your home or office. 

How This


GI Janel Anywhere is your opportunity to consult with Dr Kathleen Janel ND, Naturopathic Physician, author and developer of the GI Janel line of digestive health supplements.


Consultations are completed via a HIPAA-compliant and easy to use video conferencing tool. This video conferencing tool allows Dr Janel to have a virtual face to face meeting with you. If you are connecting via a PC, Mac or laptop, Dr Janel can also share files directly with you


Prior to your initial consultation with Dr Janel, our technicians will assist you to make sure you have everything you need for a successful video conference with Dr Janel. 


GI Janel Anywhere is open to individuals residing outside of Washington State. It is important to understand that consultation with Dr Janel via GI Janel Anywhere does not establish you as a patient. Clients should maintain their relationship with their local physician. 


Individuals residing in Washington State can become a patient of Dr Janel by booking an appointment via Specialty Natural Medicine

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Dr Kathleen Janel, ND

Naturopathic Doctor, Author and designer of GI Janel supplements

Dr Kathleen Janel

Dr Janel has been practicing functional digestive medicine for over 20 years.


She found her way to naturopathy indirectly.  During her pre-med studies for conventional medical school, she began having severe abdominal pain.  After exhausting all conventional treatment options without relief, her search lead her to an ND who helped her immediately with diet changes and digestive support.  She was so impressed by this that she redirected her studies to attend Naturopathic Medical School at Bastyr University in 1994.


She served a six year term as a resident and then associate in Pediatric and Family Medicine with Mary Bove ND. Since then, Dr Janel has continued to specialize in Digestive Medicine and Allergy Desensitization.


With her extensive experience treating IBS/SIBO and the discomfort of chronic abdominal pain, gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation and reflux, Dr Janel is really one of the integrative leaders in this field. 


She believes in a gentle, regenerative approach to symptoms if IBS, IBD, SIBO, GERD and other digestive disorders and has formulated her own supplement line, GI Janel to most successfully help her patients locally and around the country resolve their digestive symptoms.


Since her treatments have been so successful with patients who have struggled for years trying to seek some relief, she is currently writing her first book on how to permanently resolve these digestive disorders and is excited about sharing how easily and naturally they may be resolved.


Diet is a key factor for the resolution of digestive symptoms.  But Dr Janel and her clinic team do not expect you to use difficult diets long term. Instead, they identify problem foods and desensitize the system so that the foods can be eaten freely again.


Dr Janel has been published in many articles and texts on Natural and Integrative Medicine. She is a professional member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians (AANP), the Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians (WANP) and Natural Doctors International (NDI). 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dr Janel my Doctor?

If you establish care with Dr Kathleen Janel in-person, then yes.  Dr Janel can continue to manage your care via telemedicine and act as your physician. 


If you are unable to establish care in person with Dr Kathleen Janel, then she may only act as a consultant.   You would be a client, but not a patient. We recommend you establish care with a local physician to manage your healthcare.  By law, Dr Janel is unable to diagnose or treat your condition without an inperson appointment to establish care.

Can Dr Janel order lab work?

If in person care has not been established, Dr Janel can suggest standard labs.  Your local provider would need to agree to order those labs for you.  As a consultant, Dr Janel can order certain specialty labs. 

Can Dr Janel order prescriptions?

If in person care has not been established, prescriptions cannot be written.   Dr Janel can provide recommendations on supplements, many of which can be ordered via our online pharmacy.

Can we bill insurance?

No. Our telemedicine rates are $225 for a first consultation and $140 for subsequent consultations.  First consultations are typically 45-50 minutes of direct consultation time and return consultations are typically 20-25 minutes of direct consultation time.

Is the appointment secure?

We utilize a HIPPA-compliant video service vendor with AES 256-bit security.  All sessions are hosted by Dr Janel who can directly control that only intended attendees are allowed into the meeting.  

Can I forward records to Dr Janel?

Each client will be signed up to a portal that allows secure communication between the client and Dr Janel. 

What hardware do I need?  Do I need to be a computer expert?

Our video conferencing software can work with PC, Macs, tablets and most mobile devices. Devices must have a camera, microphone and speaker.


We highly recommend using a PC, Mac or laptop with a webcam. This setup allows the client and Doctor to use all available features, including live sharing of documents and easy/secure payment options.


Prior to your first appointment with Dr Janel, you will have a brief appointment with one of our technicians to teach you how to access Dr Janel’s waiting room and help you work through common technical concerns prior to your meeting.

I live in Washington State.  Can I used GI Janel Anywhere?



Dr Janel is contracted with most major insurance companies. We have a contractual obligation to bill insurance for patients who are insured by companies we are contracted with.


Visit us at Specialty Natural Medicine to book your in office appointment or email us at to determine your options. 

I live outside of Washington State and want Dr Janel to be my physician.  Is this possible?

Without an in office visit, you cannot become a patient of Dr Janel. 


If you establish yourself as a patient with an in office visit, future visits can be done via Telemedicine. This includes the ability to bill insurance in some circumstances.


Please book your in office visit at Specialty Natural Medicine to establish yourself as a patient. 

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First consults with Dr Janel are $225 and subsequent consults are $140. This includes establishing your portal for direct communication with Dr Janel as well as the tech session to help your video appointments be successful.


Payment is due immediately prior to the start of the consultation. Please have your credit card available prior to the start of the video conference. 


Supplements and labs are not included in these prices. 

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